Tips to motivate remote / virtual teams

remote.TeamIn these unique times, keeping the members of the team motivated and engaged is really a challenge, but is more important than ever. It is a difficult task to manage a remote team, but this pandemic forced us to work virtually even for projects that weren’t designed for this approach. Here are 7 tips that will arm you to keep your productivity high and spirits even higher:

1. Communicate constantly the vision / team objectives / project’s goals (when you do not see your team in office, you forgot to communicate the big picture. You should send weekly reminder about the importance of the team work and show direct feedback from customers.)

2. Always provide feedback (it helps aligning on expectations and objectives. The team will be encouraged to take risks and be more innovative, it demonstrates their work is appreciated. Regular feedback is offering a constant idea on how to become better. Weekly discussions about team’s well-being shows that the leader cares and this is very motivating. Focus on performance, but also on self-development.)

3. Create remote company culture (informal lunch talks have to be replaced by recognition emails, in order to make sure that the team members feel culturally connected. Positive culture and strong relationship are vital for successful teams. Encourage the use of platforms for instant messages and chat for informal conversations between members of the team.)

4. Empowerment is crucial in building trust for decision making. The team will be motivated by giving them ownership into how they can run the company.

5. Breaks (it is hard to keep a balance between work and personal time while working from home, it is hard not to fall into the trap of overworking. Therefore take 5-10 minutes breaks to unplug. The online meetings can end-up 5-10 minutes earlier in order to have time for a short memory game. These “GAME time” breaks keep the teams energized and engaged.)

6. Create visual scoreboard in order to capture shared goals and the progress of achieving them monthly.

7. Don’t neglect Team / Corporate Events – consider celebrating milestones achievements or teambuilding events. Now that we can go in parks / nature in groups (less than 50 persons), keep in mind that “Fun Fridays” can be a good solution. Half days programs, each month, can bring know-each-other-better moments, can increase team’s bond, and can create team culture. Sports competition or soft skills activities may bring positive atmosphere to the teams.

Photo: Atlassian


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